Women in Business & Tech Club

Female leaders around the globe. Women's empowerment for a global change. Sustainable ways of reaching goals, building networking, and defining success

About Women in Business & Tech Club
Women in Business & Tech Community is an initiative dedicated to supporting young girls, women, and mothers with children in developing their entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Women in Business & Tech Community focuses on assisting them in starting and operating businesses, and fostering career growth and change in the technology sector worldwide.
"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." – Michelle Obama.
Our Major Values
Our goal is to prepare women for a global change in order to grow the conscious and sustainable generation of the future society.
  • Embracing Uniqueness
    Connecting women entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and creators by sharing their inspiring journeys and transformative experiences in careers and business. Celebrating each woman's distinct path to success.
  • Agile Improvement
    We enhance the daily routines, habits to foster a healthy lifestyle, focusing on both physical, mental well-being. This conscious effort aims to achieve significant outcomes and success in both our professional, and personal lives.
  • Self-Education & Creativity
    We support the concept of self-learning. Dive into AI, blockchain, and sustainability. We promote personal growth and well-being, covering everything from cooking, sports, creativity, sustainable technologies to mental health.
  • Financial Independence
    We advocate for the equal rights of women in both the business sector and career development. This commitment extends beyond fair compensation to include tangible support in household responsibilities and child-rearing.
  • Conscious Networking
    We're embracing Conscious Networking – a way to build meaningful, impactful relationships. This isn't just about exchanging contacts; it's about intentional connections that empower, inspire, and drive collective growth.
  • Sustainability & Green Movement
    We offer guidance on how to integrate responsibility and sustainability into every facet of life, with the goal of protecting future generations, nature, and our planet.
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We share the expertise and experience without boundaries to close the gap in the knowledge.


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