What is Deep Health coaching? Who is a Health coach?
Effective coaching, as shown above, requires a largely "non-directive" approach, that is, an approach that encourages high quality, of which learning is an integral part, and satisfaction stems from the ability to set meaningful goals and achieve them. This is how effective coaching should be.

Miles Dow
Coaching is a process during which a coach helps a client to achieve their life or professional goals.

Unlike mentoring, coaching focuses on achieving well-defined goals instead of overall development.

How does it look in practice? The coach, for a limited amount of time, with the help of active listening, competently posing strong questions, helps the client to find answers to the innermost questions within himself, to recognize hidden skills and potential. The result of the work is that the client comes to the achievement of personal and professional goals.

Coaching is a subtle art of facilitating the training and development of human potential.

The main feature of a coach is assistance in achieving the set goals without influencing his decisions. The client comes to the final goals, with the help of the sensitive guidance of the coach.

If you are looking for a coach to help you achieve your life and professional goals, you are welcome!


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