What is mentoring? How do you find the right mentor?
Mentoring has existed since ancient times: Socrates was the teacher of Plato, and Alexander the Great studied with Aristotle. A mentor is an expert in a particular field who shares personal knowledge and experience, helps in building a career by making the least mistakes. That being said, in most cases, a mentor will share their formula for success free of charge.
Unlike a coach, a mentor cares little about the details of how you move along your career path, which is the basis for further overcoming new career and personal obstacles. The mentor exclusively focuses on more global tasks related to achieving goals and professional growth.
Statistics show that the CEOs of a third of tech companies in New York with total profits of more than $ 100 million communicate regularly with mentors.

A mentor will be useful for a number of reasons, firstly, he has valuable knowledge and practical experience. Secondly, a mentor can clearly see the full picture of your career situation and future growth. Third, the mentor will share useful contacts and his professional network of contacts. In addition to the above, he is able to ask the right questions, help with concrete actions in various issues, from legal aspects to advertising a company's product.

In order to find the right mentor, you need to define your expectations. Make sure the mentor has the required competencies, skills and experience. Seek advice only from someone whose career path inspires you to grow and develop.

If you need help finding a mentor to help you build your career path, you are welcome. We will be happy to help in solving this interesting and ambitious task.


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