Open Heart

One day all of this will end. Life ends unexpectedly, and one can never be fully prepared for it. There never comes a day when it feels like the right time for it to end…

At that moment, we will lose everything. Our possessions, status, and our loved ones. We will be left alone with ourselves and our hearts.

Because that is the only thing that will stay with us afterwards.

Relationships, no matter how wonderful, will end.

And if our partner leaves first, we will have to live through the grief, rebuild our life, transform it and ourselves. To live on for some time. And then also depart into the unknown.

Or maybe we will be the first to go – with a sense of guilt that we couldn’t fulfil our duty to the end. Almost always, the end of a relationship brings guilt: could have, but didn’t do, didn’t say, didn’t support, wasn’t completely sincere. Leaving with such a burden in the soul is very hard. Like with a stone around your neck.

Although it depends only on us: how we show love and how much of it we give, what we say to each other and how, how we treat each other, how we support each other. Giving enough love is probably never possible – there will always be a desire for more.

But you can love in such a way that you won’t be ashamed of it later.

Such love is possible only if we change our own hearts. Hard and cold, selfish and dirty – it can again become a sun. Next to which it is warm and easy. Then the inevitable doesn’t seem so scary.

No matter how hard we try, everything ends. And as life shows, it always happens unexpectedly. When there was still much to do, many plans, many ideas. And suddenly... Or not so suddenly?

We won’t be able to take anything with us. Nothing and no one. The moment of truth implies solitude. A one-on-one dialogue with God. No one and nothing will do this for us.

But how do we live? How do we spend this life? Are we creating something good or mindlessly wasting it? Are we accumulating material things or thinking about the day when all material things will lose their meaning? Are we giving people love or draining them dry?

One day all this will end. What we are used to. We won’t need to wake up, go to work, clean the house. We won’t see the faces of our loved ones, who mean so much to us: husband, wife, children, parents, friends. Will we meet them again? Maybe yes, maybe no. In any case, it will be a completely different meeting.

And everything we love will disappear. Fresh morning coffee, healthy homemade food, stylish clothes, cozy house, the phone, the internet... All this will vanish without a trace...

And the only thing that will matter is the quality of our soul, its purity and ability to love. The ability to hear its voice. What money can’t buy? What helps us develop relationships with other people? And with ourselves.

How to learn to love in solitude? How to learn to forgive? How to open your heart and become sincere? Without other people around, this is impossible... That’s why our loved ones come into you lives. They teach us to love.

To forgive. To let go. To serve.

To receive and to give.

Our relationships are a preparation for that day. When you can’t hide or run away. When you can’t escape from yourself.

And you will receive only what you deserve. You can’t deceive here, you can’t buy the desired outcome, you can’t negotiate with force.

One day all of this will end. And it’s worth remembering now, while we are still here. While we can change the ending of our story in this body. While we can change our hearts...