Living in the Flow

What prevents us from living at a level of harmony? Besides negative mindsets, lack of spiritual practices, and genuine gratitude? We need to control everything.

The brain paints a perfect picture of how we should live, and we try our best to fit that ideal picture into our real lives. But nothing works out, does it?

When expectations don’t match reality, what do we feel? What kind of emotions do we experience? In most cases, negative emotions surface.

So, what should we do? Search for an ideal in an imperfect world and try to adjust our life to flights of fancy?

Should we expect romance and surprises from a man, create different scenarios in our heads, if, for example, your man is not romantic at all? Or expect ourselves to fit some made-up role that we are not?

Maybe sometimes it’s worth living without a plan, living in the flow. Being able to relax and sincerely enjoy what is already there? Being grateful for any daily trivialities? While remaining open to the world, keeping the hearts open to new opportunities. Yes, dreaming is important.

It’s best to dream not about specific events, not about material things, but about how you want to feel. And it doesn’t matter how exactly these feelings will come into your heart, through what events, through what kind of people, when and how. After all, when we dream about traveling, what we really want is to experience a certain state of soul. And who said there is only one way to achieve this?

Try living without a strict plan, just having outlines of what you plan to do during the day. The same applies to planning for the year, quarter, month. The world changes rapidly every day.

Most importantly, plan your emotions, how do you want to feel next month? What emotions to experience? Life itself shows creativity.

Being in the flow means allowing yourself not to have a detailed plan for this life, voicing your wishes, while being ready for miracles. Being open, like a little child. Not controlling everything around, but observing with interest, with an open heart and soul.

Live. Love. Accept. Be happy, even if all plans collapse.

Fall in love with this beautiful and diverse life. Good luck.

Your Health Ambassador Anastasia Ignatenko.