All Healing is Physical

How often do we encounter people who yearn for spirituality, happiness, and a life brimming with joy, yet they completely overlook the needs of their body? Typically, such neglect leads to health problems, poor physical fitness, and an overall unkempt appearance. The physical body represents the first step towards achieving harmony with oneself.

Our body is a remarkable vessel bestowed upon our soul by the Creator. Why, then, do we cease to care for this divine creation? Often, we underestimate the role of our body when discussing the healing of the soul. Every cleansing process involves the body in some way. We feel emotional pain, spiritual distress, and mental turmoil through our body. Excluding the body from this process is simply not possible.

Many ailments of the soul, such as negative habits or excessive emotionality, are manifested in our bodies. Take, for example, a woman whose posture is bent as if she is carrying heavy sacks. In reality, she bears no physical burden. Her load consists of responsibilities, debts, and grievances that she has shouldered for years, making her life seem overwhelmingly difficult.

Consider another woman who walks as though she has no pelvis, with her pelvis appearing miraculously immobile and blocked. It is not surprising that for her, sexual intimacy is joyless, and natural childbirth was not possible.

Then there's someone else, in whom the arms and legs seem to lead separate lives, the head and pelvis are disconnected, and there is no centeredness or 'core' in the body.

Ironically, all these women are highly intelligent, educated, and have long been engaged in self-development. They possess knowledge and understanding, yet they lack physical experience and healing at the bodily level. Experiencing events physically allows for a profound liberation and relief.

In this context, childbirth is an immensely powerful spiritual and emotional initiation for every woman. It possesses the power to heal, reveal personality, and open new horizons. Childbirth is fundamentally a bodily process where the connection with the body is crucial.

The body is not given to us without reason; it is an excellent tool, an indicator, and a guide. Suppressed emotions accumulate within the body, thought processes manifest physically, and spiritual progress can be gauged by an inner glow emanating from our body.

Healing the psyche and mind through the body is both possible and necessary. We must live through accumulated feelings via any bodily practice, be it sports, improvisational dancing, walking in fresh air, or crying until we reach a point of release – whatever resonates best with us.

Therefore, never forget about the physical aspect of the life. Be prepared to use your body as a means of healing. After all, all healing is, indeed, physical.