The Source of Energy for All

In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, our environment—what surrounds us—is crucially important. Most problems arise when nature plays a minimal role in our lives. We have grown accustomed to living and working in skyscrapers, and traveling on asphalt roads in cars.

Our encounters with nature are often limited to crowded parks on Sundays. We breathe in exhaust fumes, wander through shopping malls, swim in chlorinated pools, and are perpetually glued to our phones. We wear synthetic clothes and consume synthetic food. Even during vacations, rather than resting, we find ourselves again immersed in our phones.

This lifestyle leads us to wonder why we struggle with health issues. Why do we experience a decline in energy, depression, apathy, irritation, insomnia, panic attacks, and even infertility?!

Interestingly, many women's health issues seem to resolve after a vacation. Why is this? Nature is a potent source of feminine energy, which is often scarce in large megacities.

It's noteworthy that humanity has never been so disconnected from nature. The most complicated family dynamics often arise in large cities. Women living in megacities frequently suffer from energy imbalances, and the unhealthiest children are often those who grow up in these environments.

Consider a fish removed from water and placed in a beautiful basket; it will suffocate because it needs its natural aquatic environment. Similarly, we cannot thrive without nature. We're not just talking about a single tree among skyscrapers, but about the infinite, vast, nourishing, and powerful nature. Nature possesses healing powers.

Imagine walking barefoot on the grass, camping on the weekends, and enjoying natural vegetables and fruits. Humanity is an integral part of nature, its offspring. Nature is a relentless source of sustenance for us all.

When we immerse ourselves in nature, harmony and balance naturally follow. Nature helps us to relax, ground ourselves, and calm down. Inside us, feminine energy begins to flow, igniting a surge of vitality for household tasks, the desire to cook delicious and healthy food, to dress elegantly, and to engage meaningfully with our loved-ones.

All that we need is found in nature. Nature is our mother, a contributor, and a source of endless strength and love. We should strive to reconnect with our natural source.
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