Handstand on bent arms

To learn how to do a handstand on bent arms, follow these steps:

1. Warm-Up
Begin with a warm-up to prepare your body. Include flexibility and shoulder strength exercises.

2. Core Strength Building
Work on strengthening your shoulders, back, core, and arms. Planks, push-ups, and weight exercises are beneficial.

3. Balance Practice
Practice balance by getting on all fours and slowly lifting and holding one arm and the opposite leg.

4. Wall Handstand
Start doing handstands against a wall for support. Initially, just try to touch the wall with your feet, then try to move away from it.

5. Gradual Progression
Gradually reduce reliance on the wall, trying to maintain balance independently.

6. Focus on Breathing
Remember to breathe correctly during exercises, it helps maintain balance.

7. Regular Training
Consistency is key. Train regularly, but don’t overdo it and allow your body time to recover.

8. Consult a Trainer
If possible, consult a qualified trainer for advice on tailoring exercises to your level and goals.

9. Patience and Practice
Remember, achieving a handstand on bent arms takes time, patience, and continuous practice.

Always keep safety in mind and listen to your body to avoid injuries.
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