Eyes are the mirror of the soul

In the East, it is believed that the eyes are the most important part of the face, and that they control the other organs located here, including the nose, which is called the “emperor” of the face.

It is commonly believed that the clarity of the gaze, or the “sparkle” in the eyes, reflects a person’s health, their so-called “inner strength.” Usually, clarity in the gaze appears when a person’s soul is in harmony, when they are in a good mood, and when they are not burdened by any problems.

The color of the eyes and their meaning are integral parts of such a science as physiognomy, which allows determining a person’s main character traits based on the features and characteristics of their face. In this sense, the color of the eyes and their meaning play a very important role, as the eyes, being the mirror of the soul, can tell a lot about their owner.

People with brown eyes have always been characterized by dreaminess and simultaneous decisiveness in action. Such people are in great need of approval from others.

People with blue eyes are so dreamy and romantic that if their life lacks real feelings and emotions, they are quite capable of inventing them.

Green-eyed people are distinguished by incredible calmness and judiciousness. They do not tolerate strict confines and prefer the flight of creative imagination.

A harmonious arrangement of the eyes always attracts attention, leaving a good impression of a person.

Large eyes (in both women and men) have always attracted and continue to attract attention. It is easier for people with such eyes to navigate through life.

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