Body relationship strategies for women

In most cases, a woman has two general strategies about the body:

1. Obsession with the body
Fear of ageing. The first wrinkles are treated with botox. During pregnancy, the main tragedy is stretch marks. Eternal youth becomes an obsessive idea, injections, plastic surgeries, and lifts come into play. When the body must be perfect, so breast augmentation, buttocks enhancement, lip fillers, cheekbone enlargement, hair, eyelash, and eyebrow extensions are necessary.

To be perfect, like in the magazine. And all the worries about how you look. Such women do not accept the imperfections of their bodies. The race to be perfect is too strong.

2. Complete Ignorance
Looking at such women, you wonder how it is possible that women do not love what God created?! The body means nothing in these women's lives. Overeating at night, a complete lack of self-care.

There is complete ignorance of the body. "I am not the body, I am the soul". In most cases, these women do not take care of their bodies. Why should I waste time, effort, and investments? After all, I can walk, and that's fine.

With such an irresponsible approach, the body accumulates everything. Any food, regardless of its composition, benefits, and naturalness. These women don't care about what they wear at all.

They think it's too late to start caring for themselves and the body. The return is not the same! Moreover, the body responds: with diseases, lack of beauty, and feminine energy.

The first type of woman invests all resources in the body, from time to investment. Ready to endure any pain to look beautiful. The second type of women pretend that it's not the body, not their concern, and responsibility. Moreover, they find a dozen excuses, "Love me as I am".

In the end, neither has harmony. The first turn into plastic dolls, obsessed with their appearance, with nothing sacred, interesting, real under the beautiful wrapper. The latter are often interesting personalities, multifaceted and profound, but their appearance often repels people.

Where is that very line, the ideal proportion for a woman? How to stay in balance, not overdo it, and at the same time not neglect the plan for personal development?

Caring for the body is necessary so that it does not interfere with feeling like a soul. Oleg Torsunov

An unloved body creates many reasons for concern. When we are sick, it is tough to think about anything other than our own pain. It is much better not to create such situations than to give the body the attention it needs in time.

If a woman has no contact with her body, it is very difficult for her to be in harmony with herself, to feel and hear herself. A real woman is seen in how she behaves and moves.

Understand that the body is temporary, but the soul is eternal. And no matter how hard we try to maintain the temporary, everything will come to an end, sooner or later. But the soul is eternal, so the main investments should be directed in this direction.

We must make daily efforts to keep the body in good condition. To feel beautiful and create harmony around close people. Proper nutrition, sports, skincare, hair care - these are efforts. Plastic surgery is an over-effort that pleases in the short but not long run.

How do we harmonize relationships with the body?

Here are some recommendations:

- Focus of attention
How much time per day do you dedicate to your body? Sports, facial skincare, makeup, and selecting products for proper nutrition. How much time do you dedicate to the soul? From five to fifteen minutes of prayer a day? Compare the figures. Try to balance the imbalance. Direct your focus to your inner world to balance the proportions.

- Acceptance
Accepting your body is a sober assessment of the starting data, such as age, health status, and genetics. Don't force yourself into magazine frames. A beautiful and toned body for your complexion is an achievable task.

- Health is a Priority
Always choose health, not temporary beauty. Proper nutrition, workouts - all this contributes to increasing the reserve of life force and health, and if also toned buttocks - it's already a bonus.

Facial muscle gymnastics is an excellent addition to the main focus on health.

- Body Practices
To restore contact with your body, you can try yoga, Pilates, and dancing. We have already spoken about free dancing earlier.

- Body Signals
Learn to recognize body signals, pay attention to sensations, and realize what happens in different parts. Ask more questions, how does my back feel now? Stomach? Fingers?

The most important thing is that by regaining control over the body and building trusting relationships with it based on acceptance and care, we can change our own lives.

Remember, the light of feminine beauty is shown in your eyes.
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