Four Levels of Femininity

Let's talk about four levels of femininity. We have four levels of personality: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. It's crucial to develop all four. This applies to every person — both women and men.

Without harmony, a person won't feel truly happy. And all four levels need to be developed. Harmoniously developed. Then there will be happiness. Again - for all people, regardless of gender.

When we talk about the development of femininity on four levels, in the harmonious development of the personality we just make important emphases. For example, care not only for health but also for women's health - separately. We separately highlight beauty - it's a woman's duty, we pay special attention to the appearance of a woman, not her duties and arts. And we set important points. So that she becomes not just a harmonious personality, but a harmonious woman - this is much more and stronger.

That's why it's important not to overlook any of the "bricks".

When our physical level 'drops', we cannot feel happy. If this happens, we get women in baggy clothes, unattractive, powerless, not accepting their body, unable to create comfort around themselves. They are engrossed in anything: religion, education, relationships, but they have forgotten about themselves. They lack inner light. And the main thing - it's hard for them to do something further, to develop, if there is no acceptance of the body, no health. What relationships, what spiritual development. One saint said: "First health, then spiritual practice, and only then service".

The physical level is the foundation. Through our bodies, we build relationships, gain and transmit experience, all other levels use our body as a tool and conduit. If we ignore this aspect, problems are inevitable, not only in terms of health but also on other levels. Relationships, spiritual practice, the state of mind will definitely suffer.

If there is a gap on the emotional level, a woman may look beautiful on the outside, but it's scary and undesirable to approach her. She doesn't know how to build relationships and work with her emotions. She seems empty, cold, uncomfortable to be around. She can be so overloaded with pain accumulated over many years that she doesn't need any relationships. And then we often see such physically attractive, but completely lonely women.

It's like a beautiful, but completely empty and uncomfortable house for living. More precisely, the house may seem beautiful, but it's impossible to live in it because there is no toilet, no bathroom, no kitchen. Just one big living room. With a couch for just one person.

Gaps in the intellectual plane do not necessarily mean stupidity. No, it can also be know-it-all attitude and theoretical knowledge without practice. When you seem to know more than everyone else, know everything, but for some reason, you still don't live the way you want to. The intellectual level is not about IQ, but about the state of mind. How harmonious, calm, balanced, clean it is. It's also about the beliefs living in it, and about different habits that inevitably lead to problems. For example, criticizing others, gossiping, judging, arguing, focusing on the negative, not thanking others and not appreciating them, and so on.

Many questions arise about the spiritual level, like, who needs it at all and what does it have to do with femininity. But femininity is an energy that comes to us from above, flows through us. Like love and happiness, it doesn't belong to us. This level largely determines the others. If we can fill ourselves with love from the Source, it's easier to build relationships, live in this world, and gain harmonious knowledge.

Why do women need prayers, fasting? "I just believe and that's it." But the point is that spirituality develops through practice, like other levels. If you don't pray, don't sanctify food, don't read sacred scriptures, don't make donations - then what is the practice? And how to assess development? If you can't assess, then you might have an illusion of your own super-spirituality. Spirituality is not theory, it should also be practical.

Yes, the practice itself varies in different religions, but without spirituality, neither personality nor femininity will be harmonious and complete.

And yet many agree to take time to tidy themselves or their apartment, but somehow God "will manage." As if relationships with Him will somehow build themselves.

But if we neglect this most fundamental level, there can be no talk of happiness. Without a relationship with God, you won't have inner peace and faith that He will always protect you. And therefore, any of your endeavors and achievements will be accompanied by fears and worries.

The main thing to understand: one failing level pulls back all the others.

Making the physical aspect paramount, you'll start to panic about wrinkles, aging, and everything else. You'll resort to plastic surgeries, and even in relationships, you'll descend to a purely physical level, where the main concerns are eating, arranging your den, and engaging in sex. Everything else becomes insignificant.

Focus exclusively on relationships, ignoring everything else, and your strength will quickly deplete. Relationships are about the exchange of energy, and that's what's valuable. But to give, you need to have something to offer. If you don't develop the physical aspect, neglect yourself and your body, the gentle, feminine, lunar energy will be scarce. You won't be able to maintain and keep relationships. Without a spiritual connection, you have little to offer and love becomes difficult. Love is not just about our energy.

Prioritize the intellectual aspect, and you might end up with five degrees but no happiness. You might know more than the experts of "What? Where? When?" but to what end? Or, you might constantly read intelligent books, learning new things. But without practical experience, what's the point? You end up being the smartest person with a life full of folly and failure, with five degrees. Without relationships, you look mediocre. But hey, you're smart! And God, while maybe a driving force in the universe, has no proven existence or influence on you. All rituals seem foolish. For such a smart person, it's especially hard: closed to knowledge, transformation, renewal.

Make spirituality your main focus, excluding everything else prematurely, and you'll become someone who merely plays at spirituality and enlightenment. If deep down you desire relationships, a family, children, and you go to a monastery because it seems "right", you risk many problems. One day, you might leave the monastery in a rush, overwhelmed by love and hormones, as your biological clock ticks.

Spiritual practice for a woman is not just fasting and prayers. Loving the whole world is easy, but try loving your husband and raising children. Our spiritual practice also includes relationships, caring for our body (the body is the temple of the soul), and maintaining our mind. Then spirituality is true and pure.

At the same time, these aspects support each other if you help them, or weaken each other if ignored. A simple example.

Taking a shower in the morning after waking up cleanses our physical body, helping it wake up. Physical cleanliness greatly affects our well-being and how others perceive us. This simple action also clears the mind, bringing in freshness. And on this basis, prayers, for example, settle differently. It seems we did one simple action, initially aimed only at the physical body, but we receive bonuses on all other levels.

The opposite example. If we constantly discuss and judge others – a problem of the intellectual aspect, right? But at the same time, we give away our righteousness and take on their negative karma, complicating our spiritual journey. We pollute our hearts and spoil relationships with others. The nasty things we say make our body less beautiful and healthy. This filth from the subtle level gradually manifests on the physical level.

Therefore, when you develop and uplift all four aspects, they help you, supporting each other. Strive for harmony.
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