Connecting with nature through barefoot walks

When you take a break at lunchtime, try going outside and walking barefoot on the ground. This simple act helps you connect with nature and uplifts your spirit.

In today's Western society, we spend most of our time indoors, in buildings with artificial lighting and heating. This indoor lifestyle has caused us to lose touch with the natural rhythms of the seasons and the Earth's energies.

Our bodies are accustomed to the beneficial electromagnetic fields from the Earth, but wearing shoes has always made us less sensitive to this energy.

To rekindle this connection, make an effort to walk barefoot outdoors, especially during the warmer months, and occasionally inside your home. This practice can reinforce your link to this ancient and healing energy source.


Experience the benefits of a brief barefoot walk in a nearby park or garden during the day.

  1. Remove your shoes, socks, or tights and stand on the grass for a few minutes. Allow yourself to connect with the Earth's energies. Take deep breaths of fresh air and wiggle your toes in the grass to feel its texture and coolness.
  2. Take a leisurely walk on the grass, savouring each step. Inhale the natural scent of the Earth, letting it fill your senses. Notice how your mind becomes quieter, and any fatigue or stress disappears. You're harmonizing with the grounding and rejuvenating power of nature.
  3. Walk 5-10 minutes, relishing the deep connection with Mother Earth. When you're ready, return your shoes and re-enter your indoor space, feeling refreshed for the rest of the afternoon.
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