The whole truth about breastfeeding or why am I in favor?

There are two potentially different camps on the internet that are supporters and opponents of breastfeeding. In this article I will share only my personal opinion and experience on the topic of breastfeeding.

After the birth of the child, I did not think that I might have difficulties with establishing breastfeeding.

Difficulties on the way to establishing breastfeeding.

To begin with, for new mothers who live far from their parents, a breastfeeding consultant is extremely necessary or must have! You can watch videos as much as you like, read smart books on establishing breastfeeding, review pictures on the Internet, and so on. An hour-long visit from a breastfeeding consultant will keep you safe from agony and any questions you may have in the future. I am sure that every city has such invaluable specialists!

Second, do not think that lactostasis and mastitis can bypass you. As a rule, mothers who were on breastfeeding at least once faced this problem. The most important thing is not to panic, but to consistently take steps to get out of this critical situation.
Third, there are periods when milk can go away, yes, this is a normal story. You need to be ready for this and remember that the calmness of the mother, time, special teas for lactation, food in the form of cream soups will help bring lactation back to normal.

Fourth, pumping milk is only necessary if the mother urgently needs to go to work or the child, for example, refuses to breastfeed. Yes, this also happens when the baby grows up, goes through leaps and can shake his head at the sight of his mother's breast. As a rule, the races last from 3-6 weeks, after which the anxiety state of the baby ends, the child becomes calm and joyful.

Fifth, it is psychologically difficult in the first months, the process can last for 1-1.5 hours, and you need to feed every 2 hours. Just imagine this ?! The child is completely on the mother, yes, and even at night. After the appearance of the first teeth, the baby can begin to bite the chest, we also went through this.

Benefits of breastfeeding.

Now let's move on to the benefits of breastfeeding.
First, it is only thanks to breastfeeding that a child develops a high resistance to disease and reduces the risk of disease. Breast milk contains special antibodies that protect the baby from viruses and bacteria.

Second, breast milk ensures the growth and development of the baby, complete protection against infections. Babies raised on breast milk gain weight faster, have a more mature gastrointestinal tract and a better developed nervous system. In addition, they are less susceptible to infections and chronic diseases.

Third, breastfeeding speeds up postpartum uterine contraction and reduces the risk of bleeding. Thus, it helps the mother to quickly restore the previous weight, which was before pregnancy, as well as “remove” the postpartum belly.

Fourth, with each feed, mom's blood pressure and cortisol levels decrease, which have a calming effect on sudden physical stress.

Fifth, skin-to-skin contact immediately after the birth of a child contributes to the formation of a subtle invisible connection with your child, the desire to interact more during breastfeeding and spend even more time with the child, thereby the process of breastfeeding in such cases lasts longer.

In general, each newly-made mother decides for herself what to do in this case. I do not urge you to sacrifice yourself for the sake of establishing breastfeeding. Do what you think is right. Wish you all healthy babies.

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