Recipe for harmony or how to get in shape after childbirth?

I would like to share my knowledge and experience with expectant mothers who are about to give birth or have already given birth. How to recover after childbirth? What should be done in order for the female body to play again with beautiful shapes and lines?

The first thing that will help to return to its previous size is the establishment of breastfeeding. Oddly enough, but thanks to breastfeeding, the woman's body returns to normal. Yes Yes! Let the supporters of artificial mixtures throw stones at me, I am for breastfeeding and I think that this is the best natural remedy for recovery after childbirth. And there is a whole article devoted to this on my website. If you are interested, stop by to read.

The second, of course, is food. What you eat every day, brick by brick shapes your silhouette. Watch carefully what you fill your stomach with from day to day. Listen to your body.

Third, sports activities. Get into the habit of exercising for 30 minutes daily. Remember, your ultimate goal is not to lose excess weight as quickly as possible, but to preserve the result in the long term. When you wake up in the morning, look at your reflection in the mirror more often.

Fourth, massage. Please your body with any massage. I highly recommend postpartum massage, which allows you to relieve all kinds of pain in the body and, as a result, return to its previous forms.

Fifth, healthy sleep. Get enough sleep. This may sound funny, especially in the first year of parenthood, but you just need to find time to sleep. Sixth, clothing. It is very important to wear dresses, suits, trousers that accentuate your shape. Give up baggy clothes, allow yourself to wear a dress or pants that you wore before pregnancy.

Seventh, thinking. Of course, a positive attitude will help you get through any difficulties and traps of thinking that stand in the way. Remember about the final long-term goal, then any barriers, even the highest, can be overcome.

And what tips and recommendations do you have for recovery after childbirth?

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