9 bad skin habits you might be doing to make your skin less radiant

1. Eating excess sugar
In a 2013 research investigation, the correlation between blood sugar levels and the ageing process was examined. Those individuals who exhibited elevated blood sugar levels were also perceived as having a more advanced age appearance.

The continuous pattern of surges in blood sugar followed by subsequent crashes constitutes an unhealthy cycle to which many of us expose our bodies, and these effects are evident in the condition of our skin.

2. Not hydrating
You know that fact that says we're mostly water pretending to be humans on Earth? But even knowing this, we still make excuses not to drink water: "Water is dull..." "Having to pee frequently is inconvenient..." Some even dislike washing cups.

However, we're fully aware that our bodies depend on water for essential tasks. It helps move nutrients to where they're needed and gets rid of harmful substances we don't want hanging around. So, here's a friendly suggestion: stay hydrated.

3. Skin addictions
Our skin gets used to what you apply to it. If you're taking good care of it, great! If not, there might be issues.

A common thing skin can become dependent on is benzoyl peroxide. It's often prescribed for acne and works by killing bacteria and reducing oil. But over time, it can be too harsh, acting like bleach and making the skin too dry.

Benzoyl peroxide with high alkaline levels disturbs your skin's natural pH balance, which should be around 4.5-5.5. When you stop using it, your skin works to find its normal balance again.

4. Using skin care products that contain alcohol
Why is there alcohol in skincare products? It helps ingredients mix, preserves the product, and briefly tightens pores.

But why avoid it? Some skincare alcohols dry and irritate the skin, and some have unwanted additives. Even harmless alcohols don't benefit the skin.

If you use aloe juice instead, your skin will thank you. Many natural ingredients are better than drying alcohol.

5. Sleeping on pillowcases washed with toxic laundry detergent
Could the chemicals in detergent be causing your occasional acne or wrinkles when you use it on your pillowcases? It's unlikely, but it's not exactly helping either. Some folks are more sensitive to these chemicals than others.

Regardless, having these substances near your face won't give you a happy complexion. If you like doing things yourself, you might want to try making your own detergent.

6. Leaving the makeup on overnight
You're feeling tired and your eyes are closing on their own. You might even be tempted to sleep in your jeans. But hold on! It's time to remove your makeup. Your skin will be happier without it, especially if you use makeup with chemicals. Your skin needs a break while you sleep.

Similarly, remember to take off your makeup before you exercise. When you sweat and your pores open up, dirt, oil, and yes, makeup can get into your skin.

And if you don't want to wash your pillowcases every day, try to keep them clean between washes. That's another reason why washing your face before bed is really important.

7. Using unnatural makeup
Many women use makeup, either occasionally or every day, to enhance their appearance. While there's nothing wrong with wanting to look good, using foundation, blush, concealer, and similar products daily might not be great for your skin's health.

A lot of makeup brands, probably most of them, use ingredients that can actually harm the skin.

Makeup that's not natural can block your pores, cause skin irritation, and form a barrier that stops your skin from getting air. This means that your skin can deteriorate over time if you keep using such products.

Using natural mineral makeup that doesn't have extra preservatives or fragrances. These products are a healthy way to even out your skin tone and hide flaws.

8. Eating from a box
You can't talk about having good skin without considering your health. Your skin reflects what's going on inside your body.

But eating whole foods is definitely a healthy choice. It might be tough to cook from scratch and avoid packaged frozen meals, but making fresh food is a really good way to stay healthy. At the very least, you'll know what you're eating.

Try to have a salad or a smoothie every day with raw fruits, veggies, and nuts. Aim for a variety of colors since different colored foods give different benefits. So, make your plate colorful and enjoyable to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need.

9. Not exfoliating
Let's start with something easy: exfoliation. As you get older, your skin needs regular exfoliation. Exfoliation is like a good scrub that removes dead skin cells. It's important, especially when you're using strong anti-aging products because you want them to work well and not just sit on top of dead skin. But, be careful not to exfoliate too much – it's about finding the right balance.

For most women, exfoliating a couple of times a week is good. As you get older, you might need to do it 3 or 4 times a week.

Remember, you can get the skin you want by making some changes. Drop bad habits and pick up good ones, and you might wake up to skin that looks younger and more radiant.